White Hat Hacker And Its Working Skill

What Is A White Hat Hacker?

Almost everyone is aware of the word “white hat hacker” and what it meant, but hacking is divided into different categories further. A white hat hacker is an individual who has hacking skills to save your computer software, hardware, or networks from any security accountability. While using their skills, they always respect ethical laws. They always follow the legal permit.

Black hat hacker

White hat hacker

Gray hat hacker

Who Is White Hat Hacker?

A white hat hacker is a hacker who is a good hacker in ethical ways. It is the inverse of a black hat hacker. They create recommendations for your system to make it hacking prove, by advising plans and to make your system more safe and secure by identifying the flaws present within your computer systems.

How White Hat Hackers Help You?

White hat hacker helps you in many ways by showing their capabilities by showing flaws present within your system, which makes them hack easily. White hat hackers work as paid employees for your companies to make your system free from any hacking threats.

Best Hacking Process
Best Hacking Process

This is one of the reasons that big organizations always face fewer downfalls in their website running systems.
How White hat hackers work

White hat hackers follow the path of black hat hackers, in the same manner, but they have a legal permit from the owner of the organization to do so. Instead of exploiting there, code works outside, they work together with the systems to keep them safe from hackers before they found them.

White Hat Hacker’s Skills

Following are the skills by which a white hat hacker works for your computer system to keep it safe and secure
With the help of social engineering

White hat hacker always looks for the defects of other in organizations by the use of social engineering. It works by manipulating others to trick them to do something related to that, for example, wire transfers, sharing credentials, etc.

White Hacker Uses Penetration Testing

White hacker uses this test of penetration to discover vulnerabilities within an organization to rectify defense.
Usage of programming

White hat hackers use decoding programming to decoy the hackers to create attraction towards them to get the weak point of attackers for the system.

Use Of Digital And Physical tools

White hat hacker also uses a variety of digital and physical tools by allowing the installation of bots to allow them to penetrate to gain access to the servers.

Email Phishing

It is a legal phishing scam. So, it is to find possible vulnerabilities and suspects within the systems. It also gives the infrastructure for the phishing scheme.

Attacks by DoS & DDoS

The DoS (Denial of service attack), make changes to the system performance of a security system. White hat hackers use these techniques to create such attacks for preparing in response to attacking plans.

Usage Of Security Scanning

White hat hackers develop a plan of pre-scanning techniques to keep the system safe from hackers before attackers. The tools used for this purpose is Acunetix or Netsparker, Metasploit, or Nikto.

Legal Considerations

A white hat hacker always works under the ethical rules of law by following them. They always do their work within the boundaries of the law.

Hacker Tools
Hacker Tools

Written Permit

Before working as white hat hackers, they always get written permission from the owner of the organization.
Consent for business partner

If a white hat hacker wants to penetrate the system of a business partner of that organization, then it must have written consent for that purpose too. If the secondary business partner does not provide any written consent then the all-legal damages will come under the responsibility of a white hat hacker.

Retrieval Of Personal Information

After having written permission from a white hat hacker, this must be kept in mind that he has the access to your all-personal information of yours. So, this is sometimes not known to the person who is hiring a white hat hacker.

Drawbacks Or Limitations

White hat hacker always has to work within certain rules and boundaries set by the law and organization by itself. It creates certain limitations for white hat hackers to work, which will be a disadvantage.

Time Limitation

This is one of the cons of this technique as black hat hackers have a lot of time to do their best in their hacking techniques while the white hat hacker before applying any tool has to work a lot on it in many ways of testing This provides the black hackers to work easily.

Limited Testing

As white hat hackers have to work within limited testing scopes while black hackers do in many different possible ways before the white hackers develop any certain plan for the security of an organization.

What Is White Hacker
What Is White Hacker
How To Become A White Hacker?

It is a paid job so it is professional certification to become a white hacker. They get certified by the Department of Defense and by government organizations. A set of standard fields has been developed by the EC-Council (Electronic commerce council).

Certification Tools

Training program by EC-Council: They have developed 20 modules course works in which one can learn up to 300 attacks and can have access to about 2000 tools and tricks.

Handbook by CEH & exam workbook: This handbook provides information for practicing exam questions.
Preparation courses: These help to become future white hat hackers offered by different organizations for example infosec institute.

Tests practice: This is set EC-Council so the white hat hacker takes assessments to test their skills and to improve them.

After getting one of the above training certificates one can get a job in the private (including technologies companies, educational sector, health care institutes, etc) or government sector (such as data security, engineering security, etc) as a paid employee.

How To Hire Hacker Safely?

The best suggestion would be to hire a company that specializes in Network security. Always look for the credentials of a company and its certification, training, and qualification of its employees. Before agreeing to the services always prepare legal consent carefully including terms and conditions set by the amendment of both parties.